Saturday, June 11, 2011

getting dressed when you dont know how to swim

photographs of women with flash taken from "unretouched women"

vintage vagabond

through the galaxy and into the 60's

wardrobe details:  round sunglasses, gold feathers necklace; yard sale, amethyst pendant, crystal ring, eyes necklace; handmade, icon bracelets, opal pendant; thrifted, mushroom ring;, feather earrings; so collections, tiny beads necklace, gold beads necklace, ivory bow ring, patterned sweater; F21, geode ring; H&M, galaxy tee shirt; Delia's, exotic vest; freeganed, friendship bracelets; flea market or random shops

Saturday, May 28, 2011

new summer clothing

 Urban Outfitters
Cooperative clouds tee

Truly Madly Deeply endless love oversized tee

Forever 21
mens aviation tank

loose exotic geometric cardigan
vintage-inspired lemon blouse
grandmother-on-a-cruise beaded shoulder pad armor

tacky-modest-middle-aged-churchgoer's dress

amazing rainbow technicolor dream peasant skirt
Freegan (trash on side of road) Style
exotic vest

new summer jewelry

Forever 21

glitter heart post earrings

gold nugget beaded necklace

beads and chains turquoise necklace

creme, navy, and blush plastic bow rings
geode ring
Flea Market
vintage gold wing and teal post earrings

vintage beaded black, gold, and pearl post earrings

vintage pink and gold hearts earrings

claire's butterfly earrings

vintage chunky pink, purple, and beige beaded necklace

vintage pink Lucite necklace

vintage beaded necklace
exotic chunky post earrings

vintage chunky mardi-gras beads

vintage neon pink flapper beads
vintage gold rose necklace