Saturday, May 28, 2011

new summer clothing

 Urban Outfitters
Cooperative clouds tee

Truly Madly Deeply endless love oversized tee

Forever 21
mens aviation tank

loose exotic geometric cardigan
vintage-inspired lemon blouse
grandmother-on-a-cruise beaded shoulder pad armor

tacky-modest-middle-aged-churchgoer's dress

amazing rainbow technicolor dream peasant skirt
Freegan (trash on side of road) Style
exotic vest

new summer jewelry

Forever 21

glitter heart post earrings

gold nugget beaded necklace

beads and chains turquoise necklace

creme, navy, and blush plastic bow rings
geode ring
Flea Market
vintage gold wing and teal post earrings

vintage beaded black, gold, and pearl post earrings

vintage pink and gold hearts earrings

claire's butterfly earrings

vintage chunky pink, purple, and beige beaded necklace

vintage pink Lucite necklace

vintage beaded necklace
exotic chunky post earrings

vintage chunky mardi-gras beads

vintage neon pink flapper beads
vintage gold rose necklace

the aquarium, the dissection, and the memorial

on friday i went to the New England Aquarium, Boston with some students from school. there, we were allowed to visit the Aquarium itself, dissect squid, as well as view an imax movie. we then went to Fanueil hall for shopping and lunch. here are the pictures;

squid prior to dissection

squid post dissection

ray touch tank

ray touch tank





sea life

center tank top view

center tank top view

fish in the center dive tank

center dive tank

loft conversion

holocaust memorial

welcome to our city

beautiful interpretation of a horrible act

numbers and names

Sunday, May 22, 2011

float on

my bachelorette pad in the basement

we will all float on poster (drawn by me)

poster for a biology project

     im planning on submitting the room above to teenage bedroom. it is my second room. i never really go down there unless i have friends over. the drawing is a poster i made from my room. lastly, a poster i had to make for my biology final project

teenage bedroom used my submission!

“This is my bedroom. Although I have passed through many bedrooms over the years, this one is the one I have lived in the longest and the one that says the most about me. Most people who know me and have seen my room say it’s me, but in bedroom form. I have stuffed this small room of mine to the ceiling with pieces of my life that mean a lot to me.”—Submission from Alix.

      im so excited! i know TB enters almost all submissions, but it is still exciting to see that your stuff is on another website or blog. not only is it on TB, but it has been liked and reblogged like 67 times. wow. you can check out the link to my submission here:


Saturday, May 21, 2011

my favorite magic mermaid

wardrobe details: handmade extensions, ZAD octopus necklace, F21 top, vintage pearls