Tuesday, May 10, 2011

general photography from a weekend well spent

un choque de coche

los jarillos


watermelon tourmaline(?)



dirty stinky witch

     the first two images are from Oldies' flea market. the mineral specimens are from the annual rocks and minerals show at the Topsfield Fair. this is where i found this nasty woman. i actually zoomed in to take this shot. standing near her would be fatal. she stank like no stench i have ever layed my nose upon. and dirty! as you can see, she has dirt or something smeared on her face. she had crusty black stuff on her head and she had the worst crusty purple glitter makeup. she was a mess! my mother spoke with one of the holistic vendors there who suggested that this woman had bad energy. she saged her! that's so great. i dont know what the hell was going on with this person. maybe she was a bad sort of witch or devil worker.

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