Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my new bleach barbie princess hair!!!

     this is my fabulous new "bleach barbie princess" hair. it isn't done yet. im actually trying to get as close to white as i can. of course, the color i had in previous -because i had been using it so long and re dying excessively- left deep stains in my hair. the teal is still there and i couldn't get the orange tones out. i used clairol nice'n'easy born blond maxi blonding kit from target. most blond dyes dye from dark blond to prevent oranging but this dye is strong enough to dye from black which is awesome. super strong! im so bad to my hair....
     after having that color for about 24 hours, i bought the same kit again and re-dyed! im so evil. really i only did it to even the previous job out and also to lighten the teal, dye any streaks or red that remained, and get all my roots which i had previously missed. my hair is fine. this shit is tough. years of heat damage, bad habit damage, box dyes, hair strippers, shampooing with soap, rinsing with vinegar, jars and jars of manic panic, aerosol hair sprays, sharpies, lipstick, koolaid, teasing, cutting, split ends, pulling..... these locks have seen it ALL. somehow, putting all of that aside, i did a double bleach with the strongest kit i could get. i must be sick. i amazed myself that my hair didnt fall out. my roots don't get much abuse so maybe that's why.
     after that second dye job, my hair is a bit less dark yellow and a bit more white. one of my guy friends really wants us to have white hair. so once i achieve the color he wants, i have to do his hair. blurgh.....

we can have broken fingers but our arm isn't going to slide out of it's socket. nice metaphor for damaged hair
il be posting more pictures

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