Thursday, March 31, 2011

senior prom

im looking forward to senior prom next year. im hoping my folks will buy me an exciting dress. my reasoning is that i never went to any other dancing events that required semi/formal garb, and im not getting styled at a salon so i don't see why i can't have one amazing dress. and just think, i could use it for many Halloweens and sewing projects thereafter! mother said not to worry and that she refused to buy a dress that i won't be happy in. which was nice to hear. i understand this is a year away but i really just want to get a dress! i have been looking at so many options recently and i think im stuck on the quinceanera look. a huge frothy ball gown is just my style! and i gave them all obnoxious names:

cupcake sneeze

eyeshadow peacock

sea foam mermaid

metallic sand

ghost translucent

awkward jellyfish

lavender art project
all images from

engrish tshirts

yes, let's
     i am a fan of most anything japanese or asian. i especially adore the street fashion. my only problem is engrish tshirts. i understand that it's 'cool' or 'modern' to wear clothes with english letters on them, but these people are walking around with horrible phrases on their backs and im sure most of them don't know it. i can sit for hours online looking at all of the messed up things that japanese engrish shirts have to tell the world. i can't wait to visit Japan with my father. i know what i will be stocking up on... but seriously, hasn't someone realized that walking around in a tshirt that says "Will Fight For Samwihch -OLDS- today sunshynn is the effort of love" is awful. it's sort of like someone built a screen printer that designs its own graphic tees. how unfortunate

     if you guys want a real kick in the shirt go here:

i peed when i saw some of these shirts...

image from

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

simple business attire

simple business attire

     today i wore a very basic business outfit. i actually wore a bell skirt but it was the same idea. 
     what i actually wore; chunky gold necklace; H&M, blue pinstripe shirt; old navy, black bell skirt; target, nude polka dot tights; target, tan oxfords; forever 21

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

starting a blog at a......

     Starting A Blog At A very bland and monotonous time of one's life if a very bad idea. i have quickly filled more than ten posts already and even more quickly have i realized that my life is generally uneventful. most of my posts are about my artwork and not about my life.

     quick! something happen! age! graduate! drive! do something that will produce a story for yourself! go buy something! realize something! maybe il go somewhere tomorrow so il have something to talk about.

     il list my courses for next year (my senior year)
*AP Psych
*H English 12
*H Marine Bio
*CP Physics
*CP Pre-Calculus
*CP Spanish Youth Literature
*CP Graphic Arts
*CP Ceramics II
*CP Leadership in Wellness

jeez... i have a lot on my plate for next year. i dont know what made me think that pre calc and psych were good ideas, but im going to have to do something with my life when i leave high school. might as well learn as much as i possibly can learn.

floyd of the future

blog outfit day 1

     i am starting a new type of daily outfit blogging. for days which i do not have my picture taken, i will try to recreate my outfit on polyvore.
     this is today's outfit and what it pretty much looked like.
     what i really wore: chunky gold beads; H&M, chunky black beads; Claire's, pink floyd shirt; Target, lavender skinny jeans; forever 21, brown oxfords; forever 21

polyvore graphic art 2

some of my surrealist subject graphic artwork from polyvore

a snake in the fields

anti-precious past

i told your boyfriend

junk in the atmosphere

meredeath's toy box

observing her cooking methods

polyvore graphic art 1

some of my surrealist landscape graphic artwork from polyvore

bright center of the universe

dusting my dreams

feeling the after burn


the daily comute


a few very real closeups of myself

my olive eyes

a very ugly set of teeth

saliva and taste buds

chapped lips and peach fuzz

veins and iris and pupil

just in case you wanted to get very up close and personal

my art 4

i based these drawings off of photos of girls in teen vogue magazines. these are more abstract i suppose because their bodies and faces are rather awkward

jameela jamil

julia; model


shena; model

juicy couture

susie bubble; blogger

H&M commercial

maaike; model

Jucy Hale; actor

my art 3

these are some pieces i drew using highlighters and markers

your typical alien


forest scum

vices versus virtues


street law

my art 2

this is an assortment of water colors i did this year


self portrait
name art


my art 1

this is some of my old artwork, an assortment of photography, drawings, and some modeling. all of this is from last year.

a mirror image piece i did in photography class

french lolita bunny girl; illustration

female alien; illustration

ethereal; photography

me in a corn field*; modeling

chandelier and building; photography

cartoon girl; illustration

     these are just a few old things i drew. the picture of me was actually taken by my mother.