Thursday, March 31, 2011

senior prom

im looking forward to senior prom next year. im hoping my folks will buy me an exciting dress. my reasoning is that i never went to any other dancing events that required semi/formal garb, and im not getting styled at a salon so i don't see why i can't have one amazing dress. and just think, i could use it for many Halloweens and sewing projects thereafter! mother said not to worry and that she refused to buy a dress that i won't be happy in. which was nice to hear. i understand this is a year away but i really just want to get a dress! i have been looking at so many options recently and i think im stuck on the quinceanera look. a huge frothy ball gown is just my style! and i gave them all obnoxious names:

cupcake sneeze

eyeshadow peacock

sea foam mermaid

metallic sand

ghost translucent

awkward jellyfish

lavender art project
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