Thursday, March 31, 2011

engrish tshirts

yes, let's
     i am a fan of most anything japanese or asian. i especially adore the street fashion. my only problem is engrish tshirts. i understand that it's 'cool' or 'modern' to wear clothes with english letters on them, but these people are walking around with horrible phrases on their backs and im sure most of them don't know it. i can sit for hours online looking at all of the messed up things that japanese engrish shirts have to tell the world. i can't wait to visit Japan with my father. i know what i will be stocking up on... but seriously, hasn't someone realized that walking around in a tshirt that says "Will Fight For Samwihch -OLDS- today sunshynn is the effort of love" is awful. it's sort of like someone built a screen printer that designs its own graphic tees. how unfortunate

     if you guys want a real kick in the shirt go here:

i peed when i saw some of these shirts...

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