Tuesday, March 29, 2011

starting a blog at a......

     Starting A Blog At A very bland and monotonous time of one's life if a very bad idea. i have quickly filled more than ten posts already and even more quickly have i realized that my life is generally uneventful. most of my posts are about my artwork and not about my life.

     quick! something happen! age! graduate! drive! do something that will produce a story for yourself! go buy something! realize something! maybe il go somewhere tomorrow so il have something to talk about.

     il list my courses for next year (my senior year)
*AP Psych
*H English 12
*H Marine Bio
*CP Physics
*CP Pre-Calculus
*CP Spanish Youth Literature
*CP Graphic Arts
*CP Ceramics II
*CP Leadership in Wellness

jeez... i have a lot on my plate for next year. i dont know what made me think that pre calc and psych were good ideas, but im going to have to do something with my life when i leave high school. might as well learn as much as i possibly can learn.

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