Sunday, April 17, 2011

fairly old pictures

    recently, my father updated his gallery with some photos from his visit here (Boston) for my birthday. that was back in November. i still had red hair but it wasn't as nice because i was transitioning from green/rainbow. my skin wasn't as nice either. i was kinda a mess. anyways, it was great to spend time with my dad and his wife. we got to visit a lot of family around here that we otherwise would not have. it's funny, most of my family lives around here. even if they are divorced, still only live a few towns away.

     here are some photos from my father's visit:

left to right: my grandfather Peter(my father's father), my uncle Arman(my father's brother; recently adopted), my grandfather's wife Vicky (Cho-Ching)(my father's step-mother), me (my uncle's niece), my father Joel. my step mother Asayo(my father's wife) was taking the picture. it's a very strange family. only my grandfather, myself, and my father are related by blood, and my uncle is younger than me!

my father and i at Fanuel Hall in Boston

my father and i on a bridge near the aquarium in Boston

it's me on a beam! random hairclip, tunic from japan, Delia's coat, Wet Seal belt, Betsey Johnson bag, Urban Outfitters shopping bag, Forever21 skirt, mom's tights, Converse... this coat is way too big for me

this is a scary picture of me with a lobster and a scary man behind me.

me yelling through a horn in Salem

me and my step mother Asayo. im wearing a JouJou jacket, Wildfox shirt, Betsey Johnson necklace, random hairclip, Express cami, Old Navy pants, Walmart boots, my grandmother made my gloves.

     this was a fun time. there were a lot more pictures but i really only wanted to post pics of myself. now you know the confusion that is my father's side of the family.

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