Monday, April 11, 2011

nomadic contribution

hehe look at my chubby knees
stinky face

trashy public restroom shot
     before i go into outfit details, im going to first apologize. im sorry im not a perfect blogger. but im a real blogger. i dont have someone who will take a whole memory card of pictures of me so i can make single outfit blogs with twenty different shots. i would love that, who wouldn't? but in my household, it's either find something to put the camera on, take it in a mirror, or mom will take one picture of you and one pic only. so, that's what i have to work with and that is what i use

     outfit details:    headscarf; Grandmother's, earring and necklace; handmade, beaded sweater; vintage Jordan Marsh but i got it at a flea market (tags on), shorts; Forever 21, shoes; Vans; Buffalo Exchange

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