Tuesday, April 19, 2011

princess side cut

     this morning i was getting my daily fix of fashion and makeup via google images and i came across side cuts. i have loved side cuts for a while now and i really wanted to do it.


   i stood up and got my scissors and comb and a mirror and went to the bathroom to tie up my hair and cut the section i wanted. i chopped of a large section of the left side of my head. i snipped it a little to give a razored look. i don't have buzzers so it was all i could do. then i wanted to dye it!

     i guess i have really been wanting to change my look for a while. it has been red since november and although i love my hair i needed a change badly. i got out my massive stash of dyes and a bleach kit and went to work. it was fun. i wanted some colors like princess colors.

    i bleached my side cut and the longer hair around it that i flip over the other side. i also bleached some areas in my bangs. the last time i dyed, i did the underparts of my hair blue with Midnight Blue and Atomic Turquoise. i bleached that so it would turn to seafoam. all other parts i bleached i dyed with Ultra Violet and Purple Haze. for the parts of my hair that were still light red from my lest dye job of Wildfire and Pillarbox Red, i dyed over with Red Passion and more Pilarbox Red. as you can see, i love doubling up on colors. so, hopefully it should look nice.

     im actually letting it process just now. il have to post pictures soon. i didn't want to do crazy colors because i still need a job. part of my says i should have dyed the side cut and surrounding area Electric Banana but i can do that when purples fade.

photos from cakdel.blogspot.com and wehearthair.tumblr.com

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