Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i freakin love people

no clue why my face looks all fuzzy... anyways, this is my own personal style: ethnic grunge. my usual default for when i don't want to try to put together some sort of theme outfit. yay for trashion!
     thrifted sweatshirt that i trashed myself, yard sale men's plaid shirt that i trashed myself, H&M tank top, Target leggings, handmade nacklaces and earring, H&M brooch.
     this whole week i have been dressing like this. i don't really know why. i think next week i might revert back to my victorian vintage and little dresses. i just like the way grungey feels. it's like the 90's all over again like as if im dressing as Rayanne Graff (A.J. Langer) from My So-Called Life. i usually let my hair get really matted and i wear light brown eyeshadow/liner which ends up looking really dirty. i have a few sweatshirts that i cut the sleeves off and pinned graphic t designs to the backs. i wear these with my plaid shirts and some junk pants. haha im so lame.

     crap. i had to edit this because i went back and realised i completely zoned out and didnt write what i was actually going to. anyways, the reason why i love people is this:
While walking home from the bus stop today, dressed in my grungey clothes (?)which i suppose could be mistaken for punk(?), some car drove by and the guy in the passenger seat rolled down the window and did the hand gesture for 'rock on' towards me. you know, index finger and pinkie finger out? that one. it was funny. i laughed and gave a fist pump in the air for him. i love people like that. he was cool. not the kind of guys that yell 'freak' or 'hot damn' out their windows. i liked this guy. yay for people! and (?)yay for me(?) but i wasn't really thinking i looked appropriate for 'rocking on'. rather, 'go back to the dumpster from whence you came'.
grandmother alix

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