Wednesday, April 6, 2011

trashy teal grandmother pants boojah!

bad picture quality. this is just the legs...

looking so awkward as usual. rather, haggard?

     today at Savers thrift store, my all time favorite and most frequently visited Op shop, i purchased three things, Om idol bracelet, grey blue yellow plaid shirt, and these looser pants. i tried on so many cool pants today, and these were the ones i brought home. XD. i tried a pair of black and fuchsia acid wash jeggings (too big), mustard skinnies (too short legged, too tight waist), many pairs of 80s high waist black mom jeans (too tight), ancient purple pants (disintegrating and hole in the butt area). so that was lame. but these foul nana pants were great quality, new, and just right for me to age into, my skin, molding to the fabric as i become sedentary, one of the couch, a true, grandmother!
     but seriously, these were cool! and i can wear them low and slouched down like street pants. it's fun the things you can do with pants that are too big. i know, the photo suggests me to have a muffin top. i actually didnt so.... uh.... thats a false notion.

grandmother alix

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