Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ground zero

dirty glass is a downfall....

haha look at my hand. and i look like i have something in my noze

looking like a ghost

marc jacobs/american apparel inspired

marc jacobs/american apparel inspired

i took this right when my camera batteries died and quite frankly im not sure why i did what i am doing here.

     white choker; handmade by me, heart necklace; Hot Topic, bee pendant; PacSun, sweatshirt; JCPenny but trashed by me, plaid shirt; yard sale, gems tank top; H&M, floral harem pants (a favorite recent buy); H&M, pink socks; Betsey Johnson, shoes; thrifted Vans, charms (actually attached to my cell phone which is in my pocket); asstd chinese shops, online, gifts, thrifted, japan, unknown (i dont remember all of them), bracelets; thrifted, handmade, gifted, and one of them is Juicy Couture, bag; Savers thrift store shopping bag with some fun purchases inside!!!!.... and i hope that is all. that really was a lot of clothing and i wish i could be more specific about the bracelets and charms.

     i have recently been going for a grunge look. as you can tell, very very grungy. my inspiration as of now is Nylon Street Style book, mainly, London, i suppose? maybe to most of you i just look sloppy.... maybe this isn't fashion. but, my thought is that the best kind of fashion you can create for yourself is the kind that makes your mother throw up. oops, that would make it trashion.
     today was actually a trial of different places i can take photos of myself. for most of these, i had the camera propped up on stuff. the thing is, no one wants to take my picture twenty times everyday. those willing suck at taking pictures of me. i don't have a tripod either so i really do have to get creative sometimes. hopefully i will have more opportunities to go out and shoot my outfits each day to properly keep up with this blogging. im just so jealous of all the perfect bloggers out there. someone takes their pictures, they always look perfect, and their blogs are perfect too. that, quite frankly, is not me. at all. im just a mess in general. i suppose my blog reflects that in me?
     i also understand that i look ill (as in sick (as in diseased, not cool or rad) in these pictures. my makeup routine recently has included the following: make yourself look like you might die if someone isn't watching. il have to go back to normal because this doesn't photograph well.
     and also, im not actually as short as the camera suggests me to be. im 5'7. normal height. and yes, i know that i do not have the 'typical fashion blogger body' that means, i know im not a waif. and yeah, it is hard to get things that fit me sometimes. and no, just because it fits, does not mean it looks good. just a bit of grandmother wiseness for you.
     i follow my own personal aestheticism. keep this in mind. in those pictures, i look perfect.

grandmother alix

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