Monday, April 18, 2011

Tie Dye and Other Garments sans tutorials

     recently i did quite a few tie dye and other DIY wardrobe projects that all came out very nice. below i have posted pictures of my work. i actually tried to dye a canvas bag but it was too thick and starched so the dye didn't come out nice and the whole thing smelled like Playdough. that went in the trash.


"vintage technicolor dream pants" jeans

"confetti splatter" jeans

"don't take it out on the short ones" shorts

"rainbow vomit" shorts

"galaxy" shorts


"homeless hippie" shirt

"paint in my fruit punch" shirt

"patriotic dream" shirt

      well, im rather proud of my work. i always love to do really big loads of clothing really fast. i did all of this in about a day. when i get new clothes i plan on taking pictures of them in the basement laundry. it's the only room in the house with white walls and white light so the pictures are simple and detailed enough.

      i can't wait to wear all of this! outfit photos soon i hope!

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